an interesting possible partnership

In our quest for extending the range of our partnerships, an interesting dropped out of the sky yesterday. I’ve been chatting with a company about various things and they brought up an idea they would like to explore doing with us. This is an American company that works in music reporduction. Without divulging too much,…

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Steve Jobs comments – the goods for a music service

Yes, I know, the Apple Keynote big ticket items are the Air and Video rentals.  Ok – that’s fine.  But for me I liked the iTunes music sales part.  They have sold 4 billion songs, and 20 million in one day. Despite the fact that iTunes is really all about selling iPods, here is the…

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Seed versus early stage

Definitions on the status of companies change pretty regularly and early on there seems to be some confusion around what is seed and what is early stage.   Here’s my take: Seed stage:  When a company has just formed, has the beginnings (or even early complete) business plan, an incomplete team and is developing a prototype…

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EMI strategy

Hypebot is keeping tabs on the progress EMI is making on their future direction – thanks Bruce! Although the cuts are hard for everyone of course (and not just for the folks being cut), there seems to be some strong positive direction in the new strategy outlined.  Most notably are the focus on A&R as…

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Prepping for VC due diligence

We’re actively raising institutional money to come out of seed-stage and really get rolling. It’s pretty exciting, but lots of work as well. In attempting to be as efficient as possible, we’re prepping our due diligence materials in advance as much as possible. Our goal: on initiation of DD, to be able to turn around…

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Watermarking revisited

In 2004, we approached Warner and EMI about using watermarking for rVibe as a means to protect content while permitting interoperability of file types. In principle they did not have a problem with watermarks, they just felt that there was not enough control.  They suggested that if we also built a bot to scour p2p…

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Back from NYC

Was just in NYC last week – great trip.  Met with our media counsel and some investors. We’re currently seeking strategic advisors and partners, and that’s all about outreach.

Back to blogging here at wordpress

Although we have a blog over at I am partial to blogging here as well. On rVibe blog I’ll discuss some things more appropriate for there, where here I will cover everything I normally cover.

Migrating to new blog –

We new have a blog over at So for now anyway – I will be postig over there…. rVibe Blog

iTunes backlash – but wait, is it more?

WMG is the latest major label to start backing out of their iTunes agreement and it certainly seems the backlash continues. But I wonder… the major labels definitely follow one another as they move into new territory (latest example is DRM free music – EMI went first), but I am not sure they follow one…

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