Book – Mayflower

Just finished….  If ever there was a myth-busting book of the founding of America, it is Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick.  Lucid, devastating, sometimes darkly humorous, he details the first 50 or so years of the Pilgrim’s landing, subsequent “Indian” slaughter and founding of New England. He also gives service to the European plague that wiped out…

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T shirt design

Our awesome marketing designer has put together a T shirt for us. I think it’s right on for our style. We’ll use it for some street marketing this summer.

We're going wiki

We’ve decided that wiki is the best vehicle for a help knowledge base. We’ll offer it up for additions to our key beta users and hang it off our NEW website. I love collaboration and user content.

Beta 1 – almost there….

Well, in typical technologist fashion, I couldn’t not stick in some more functionality, so I did. And we added some cool stuff to the website.  Beta 1 is in final testing (we have a bug that causes crashing during track scanning), and we’ll be out the door. Finally, at long, long, long last. Then we…

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Future of digital music delivery is….

There is a lot of talk about the future of online music, specifically whether music we be file based or stream based. And it seems that in general people are in one camp or the other. The streaming folks say that with increased broadband speeds and penetration of mobile broadband that users will no longer need or…

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The Road

It was a great father’s day; spent it with our big little family at the pool and went out for Italian.  My boys (well, my wife) gave me a beautiful picture set from our vacation, a watch and a great book.  And part of the great Father’s day was that I got to read that book…

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Competition – it's a really good thing when seeking investment

Technology entreprenuers are prone to saying “We don’t have any competition” or something like “our service will out-google google”.  Both are silly and naieve – and impossible to believe. I fell into that trap when I first devised the scheme for rVibe in 2003. At that time I thought it was true. Of course, as…

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A little status

So – we’re down to the wire on the Beta release.  Meaning – we’re finishing up the production environment build, testing the various connections and getting ready to load the server up.  We’re also finishing up the brochure ware website which will get loaded into our web server in the next week.  And finally, the…

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Vacation books….

Just came back from a much needed vacation – and right in the middle of getting ready for a release. Either I am crazy or I trust my team to deliver. Or both.  In either case, I like to read – a lot. Mainly non-fiction these days, but on vacation I do enjoy some good escapist…

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Non-intrusive marketing

It’s fairly well understood that of the multiple kinds of marketing, when you look at interrupt versus non-intrusive, educational or word-of-mouth marketing, or viral that the latter is almost always more effective.  It’s also a lot cheaper.  So – why would we want to spend lots of money on interrupt driven marketing (TV, print, banner ads,…

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