There's "free music" and then there's what people want

“Free streaming” services are popping up by the hand-full.  Qtrax and Spiralfrog are attempting to line up labels and get their “free download” services off the ground. There is a problem with ad-supported, and I don’t just mean it’s not cost effective for businesses. From the consumer’s view, the music is not really free, it’s really ad…

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Accepted into the AVF

Well – we’ve been accepted into the Angel Venture Fair to present to investors.  First round is March 13th, although we’ve been exempted since we’ve talked to a number of their investors already.  Pitch round is in April…  We’re getting closer!

How to change strategic direction

One of the greatest things about a small company and even better about a startup is the ability to change strategic direction – quickly.  Unlike larger corporations with large investments in human capital and infrastructure, a nimble startup can identify opportunities and action them fast. Of course, a large company typically has greater resources at…

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On the funding trail

We continue with our fundraising activity – and as any CEO will tell you – it’s a combination of super dedication, preparation, and recovery from rejection.  And in each rejection, you make a stronger, better case.  And I think ours is very strong now – and getting stronger all the time. And this is proved…

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Refocus and re-energize our message

We’ve been doing a ton of work to get a better sense of our differentiators and value add to our users.  Over and over again, our focus on giving back comes up. Thus, our language and message is changing to drive more about our charity partners – and over time our functionality will change too.…

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NY Angels – passed

Well, statistics-wise it was likely to happen – the NY Angels group passed on pursuing an investment in rVibe. Their rationale is one we hear about the space in general:  too competitive, too hard to compete against iTunes. This type of feedback is common for investors who are not familiar with the space.  While it’s…

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Just pitched to the NY Angel Group

In our fund-raising quest, I just pitched to the NY Angels investment group. The pitch went very well:  there were three screening members, one of whom clearly was familiar with the space and technology, and the other two extremely sharp on understanding the business.  They were engaged, asked good questions and really got it. And…

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Potential versus performance, hiring, investing and outlook on life

So – I am one of those people who likes to enumerate things and attempt to fit life into bivalent categories. Most of the time I fail miserably (when will I learn), and my company’s product woefully defies simple categorization, and life is far richer than that, but I attempt to anyway. And here, as I…

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Music Offerings

So, I am sitting here in the airport waiting for my delayed flight and thinking about our competition, their offerings versus our offerings and thinking about how jump ahead in the offering space. I don’t mean to say that our business model needs to be improved. There are lots of people who believe that streaming…

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Moving in new directions is great and challenging

Our business is about providing an arena for people to easily share music, manage music, make friends, buy music and deliver advertising. Our revenue model is collecting fees from music merchandising and advertising delivery. But we’re now faced with an interesting change in direction. Or at least an addition to our world. From a consumer’s…

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