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Developing an effective sales process

For a sales team to thrive, it needs a robust framework that represents the way their client buys…not the way they sell.  I’ve seen processes that are “about us”, which ultimately fail because they don’t take into consideration the ebb and flow the client’s needs or behaviors.  It’s often very tempting to create a process…

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Back to blogging here at wordpress

Although we have a blog over at I am partial to blogging here as well. On rVibe blog I’ll discuss some things more appropriate for there, where here I will cover everything I normally cover.

EMI and (potential) changes

EMI has shaken up its senior management and ousted a couple long standing significant players. With music revenue down an additional 10%, shares down 26% and digital music only accounting for 8.5% of total sales, the picture is bleak for EMI right now. Hence the change in management.  However, it was just a change, not actually…

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Starting a blog

It’s about time I started a blog – so here it is.  My intent is to discuss some of the things that interest me most and chronicle starting rvibe.  I have really missed the boat on the chronicle part – since I started rvibe in 2004, but better late than never I suppose.  As for…

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