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Point Juncture, WA

In designing rVibe, I really saw it from a music discovery, social networking and give-back perspective. I wasn’t sure how that would affect my discovery, but it already has. One of the gripes (for as good as they are) I have always had with services like Pandora, or MyStands is that they typically show you…

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New Logo

Notice the new logo? Like it?  I love it. Daisey rocks – in many ways.  

Overture to Candide

Lots of people love Leonard Bernstein and lots of people hate him. To know him (well – he’s dead, but to know about him) is to have an opinion. Me – I think he was great for classical music – his charisma brought people to it in ways we have not seen recently. I also…

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Swedish Lullaby – Libana

I love the Swedish Lullaby from Libana– it’s gorgeous. I sing it to my kids (albeit not like she does).  The interesting thing about the performance is that it seems to adhere to more “folk” traditions. Meaning, the meter is not square, it seems to vary, and the speed at which she sings varies based…

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Brahms Voilin Concerto in D

From the first moment I heard the Brahms violin concerto in D, I loved it. Brahms offers an incredible look into strong string writing with enormously strong melodic writing. And although Brahms is very conservative in his structural language, I don’t think people don’t give him enough credit for his midground chromaticism – he gets short…

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Appalachian Spring – for 13 (or so) instruments

For a guy from Brooklyn, Aaron Copland sure could write music that evokes Americana country. The orchestra version of Appalachian spring is one of those iconic American pieces of music that’s had a deep influence on music in this country since it’s debut, and has permeated our collective conscious. Think of “gift to be simple”…

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CDBaby – Oh Baby!

We’ve been working with Spencer over at CDBaby for well over a year now on our contract to license their content.  And…. it’s done – signed, complete!  We’re now licensed to sell CDBaby content.  Well – 75% of it anyway, since we’re a peer-to-peer service. Everyone over at CDBaby has been really fantastic – we’re…

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Totus Tuus

Here in the US, Henryk Gorecki gets a bit short-changed as a composer of self-reflective trance-like symphony and choral pieces.  On the one hand, it’s well deserved – Symphony No. 3 and Totus Tuus both easily fall into that category. However, it’s not fully deserved, he has written a lot of other music that definitely does…

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In my current playlist (among other things) is Sarah McLachlan’s Angel from Surfacing. On Angel she hits it perfectly.  The rich mix of piano and cello sets a nice spartan atmosphere for her breathy-then-full-again voice to glide over. While a bit on the repetitive side, that’s part of the grace of it. You can become…

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Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60’s is a great album – covers of wonderful ’60’s tunes by current artists. The interpretations are really solid and when Jonatha Brooke takes a turn at the Simon & Garfunkle’s title track, she gives it a soulful and yet gentle touch.   I’ve appreciated Jonatha’s touch for a while now. She has…

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