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New Logo

Notice the new logo? Like it?  I love it. Daisey rocks – in many ways.  

Social Network + Online music = good business

Here are some good recent stats: — Social networks: Such sites play a growing role in music discovery and consumption, with 39 percent of all social network users having embedded a track on their profile But there’s an age gap – under-35s rate MySpace best for music, over-35s say YouTube; overall, only 16 percent of…

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Making money in online music

There continues to be discussion around a-la-carte versus subscription online music services. Some say subscription is the future of music; I still disagree (as does 400 years of history). And apparently, the market seems to overwhelmingly agree with me: Apple Whistles a Happy 3 Billion iTunes   That said, we’re still baking in some streaming…

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Music apps for Facebook – revenue?

There is lots of talk about the new Facebook platform and lots of applications are cropping up. In the music space, iLike is the current Facebook dominant player, but new ones appear almost everyday.  iLike has stated that their goal is to be the biggest Facebook player – and figure out revenue later. That statement captures…

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Beta 1 is finally here!

Finally, at long last, Beta 1 is here.  It’s not without its issues and missing funtions of course, but the core software is solid and it’s the real deal. Real content, really able to purchase tracks, really real. Lots more to improve upon, and release 1&2 are already full ahead on development.  Below is an…

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Importance of customer communication

I just re-signed up for XM radio, despite thinking the audio quality is terrible.  Why?  For the following reasons: They called me and asked to bring me back  They offered me 1/2 price for a year They followed up with an email They gave me online listening capability on their website They send me regular…

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T shirt design

Our awesome marketing designer has put together a T shirt for us. I think it’s right on for our style. We’ll use it for some street marketing this summer.

Future of digital music delivery is….

There is a lot of talk about the future of online music, specifically whether music we be file based or stream based. And it seems that in general people are in one camp or the other. The streaming folks say that with increased broadband speeds and penetration of mobile broadband that users will no longer need or…

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Non-intrusive marketing

It’s fairly well understood that of the multiple kinds of marketing, when you look at interrupt versus non-intrusive, educational or word-of-mouth marketing, or viral that the latter is almost always more effective.  It’s also a lot cheaper.  So – why would we want to spend lots of money on interrupt driven marketing (TV, print, banner ads,…

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Getting people to pay for things

Getting people to pay for this is the hardest part about online music; when you can “get it for free” why pay?   And offering free software in our case does not seem to lend it self to getting people to pay for music. And when you offer a more limited selection than what is available…

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