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Negotiating a deal with purchasing

So, you go through a pitch to a large company, then you get a RFP.  Then you bid and pitch again. Then comes the call from purchasing:  “In the spirit of partnership, would you be willing to discount X%?  We’re also asking all the other candidates as well.” First thing you ask:  “Will it secure…

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Democrats will lose and here’s why

I have always been a Democrat and I vote.  So, I don’t write this with joy or happiness, but I think it’s indicative of where the party is why it will sadly lose ground tomorrow.  In a nutshell, they are not working hard enough to reach the Internet audience.  Maybe they think their “core” will come to…

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Our first international tests

Well, sometimes a potential customer can also be quite the advocate. We’re working with a fantastic company that has global operations support for CROs. Currently, there is no video solution that supports international, non-dedicated end-point video connectivity. Until working with this company, we’ve focused entirely domestically, which, while fine, is not all we want to…

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How we understand our sales pipe

There are lots of ways to create, manipulate, and track a sales pipeline. And it all comes down to sales process. For a company likes ours with products like ours, we are not exactly a long buy cycle sale, but we’re also not an impulse buy sale. So, there is a middle ground we need…

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There's "free music" and then there's what people want

“Free streaming” services are popping up by the hand-full.  Qtrax and Spiralfrog are attempting to line up labels and get their “free download” services off the ground. There is a problem with ad-supported, and I don’t just mean it’s not cost effective for businesses. From the consumer’s view, the music is not really free, it’s really ad…

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Refocus and re-energize our message

We’ve been doing a ton of work to get a better sense of our differentiators and value add to our users.  Over and over again, our focus on giving back comes up. Thus, our language and message is changing to drive more about our charity partners – and over time our functionality will change too.…

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MusicIP – new cool stuff

MusicIP has just released their new reporting stuff and it’s very cool.  I chatted with Adam over there and we’re going to see what we can do to move some of their new analytics into rVibe. I see it as an ad delivery play, they see it a little differently, but interested in exploring how our use of…

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Out the door and on the way

Now that we’ve lifted the veil, our already strong showing is getting stronger. Lots of interest today, lots of page views, lots of download requests. All good – looking forward to seeing how it goes tomorrow too!

rVibe key & active features for the beta

So – here’s what you can and can’t do with the beta: Currently Available:  Find and add friends – create a social network see their profiles view their music Audition their tracks Buy their music Recommend tracks to them, send messages Add friends’ emails into the system and get rewards Create groups Manage your own…

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rVibe launched today!

It’s done – we launched the rVibe beta today!  Lots of hard work from an awesome team – and a really great piece of software! Here is the link to and the text from the press release: Press Release Press Release:  rVibe launches private beta Bethlehem, PA – October 1, 2007:  rVibe, a new online music…

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