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Identity formation and music preference online

Identity formation is a fascinating thing in general, and in the burgeoning online social networking sites it takeson an additional angle.  Danah Boyd talks a bit about it here for reference.  On most social networking sites, you get standard fields of input for defining your identity in addition to name, etc:  1. Favorite movies, TV,…

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Irons in the fire

The CEO’s job is to manage all the aspects of the business as well as be accountable for delivery and profitability.  The phrase comes to mind: “Irons in the fire”.  Meaning, the blacksmith literally has many irons in the fire and has to make sure that as those pieces of metal get worked, that they…

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Vendors and Partners – making deals

In my view of things, there are two types of external relationships you can have in a company – a vendor or a partner. And it’s not always clear which is which.  My definition: A vendor is a person or company that provides a specific service at a specific cost with expected deliverables. A partner is a…

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