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Trust and your partners

Business is a series of human interactions. Even the world of economics is nothing more than human designed interactions. To know that all you have to do is remove humans from the equation. When you do, both business and economics disappear. I particularly love that economics disappears since so many people seem to think it’s…

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The pro forma quandry

In keeping with the $ and essentiality theme, in a pre-revenue early stage company it’s fun to think about future earnings.  By ‘fun’ I mean a thrill (thinking about the huge amounts of money we’re going to make), and sheer terror (thinking about how we are never going to make any money).  The normal roller coaster.…

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Platforming – we're getting there

Holy cow! This is exactly where we’re headed for 2.0. We already have some of the architecture in place and now we’re overhauling our reciprocal API to make it work.  I am sure we’re going to encounter significant distributed database issues, but we’ll work through them – we have some great academic resources we’ll tap to…

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Platforming strategy

This is great – and exactly where we’re going and have been from the beginning.  Note that early on we made the decision to roll our applicaiton out first, but we positioned our architecture as a (level three) platform so we can fairly easily migrate over.  It won’t be without its pitfalls, but we’re not…

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Sheridan Square

Exciting stuff – we’re working on a great deal with Sheridan Square. With it we’ll reach out to KOCH and IODA as well – but what we’re doing with Sheridan extends our business model – which is great. More to come in the next week.

Increase in users, decrease in sales = good for p2p and SN

A very interesting article about the Myth of the active buyer.  The active buyer theory says that while there will be decreasing number of buyers (of music), those who do buy, buy a lot more – and save the industry.  According to this research, the opposite is true – more buyers, all buying less. Which to…

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To platform or not to platform

Generally, it’s assumed that it’s better for a technology service to be a platform of some type. By platform, I mean a technology solution that provides a programming interface to allow other technology solutions to hook into. That’s the idea behind the current Facebook technical strategy, and it’s a common practice of many companies with…

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Judging and juggling software vendors

While software development is not yet fully a commodity, it’s sadly headed in that directoin.  However, for a software driven company, a friend of mine once said – you just don’t want to outsource your heart. Of course, you can’t always do heart surgery, and also it’s very expensive; sometimes you have to have someone else…

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Creativity and intellectual curiosity

There has been considerable discussion on a number of blogs about age and entrepreneurship. Some have come down on the side of younger (20-30) is better and some have come down on the side that older (30-40) is better. My take is the importance of intellectual curiosity filtered through experience and neither of those are necessarily age…

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Beta requesters – hang in there please!

Well, although we have over 10,000 myspace friends, we have not activated them and have done no other advertisements. We have not added or stumble upon or digg links to the website or anything. For all intents and purposes we have done no advertising in anyway shape or form. Oh – and our brochureware…

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