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Talking to VC's

Well – we’ve starting pitching to VC’s and early stage investors in earnest now.  One week ago we did a round with an early stage Angel fund, yesterday we did an on-line demo to a growth stage VC firm (not a good match – yet), we have four VCs getting lined up for the next two…

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Speaking at the Lehigh vSeries

Dale Falcinelli asked me to speak at his vSeries at Lehigh to discuss our IP strategy; he thinks what we’re doing (IP wise) is really interesting. At first I thought he was joking and making fun, I mean – we have IP – so what???  Then I realized he’s looking at it from the Entrepreneur’s perspective.…

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Trust and your partners

Business is a series of human interactions. Even the world of economics is nothing more than human designed interactions. To know that all you have to do is remove humans from the equation. When you do, both business and economics disappear. I particularly love that economics disappears since so many people seem to think it’s…

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The pro forma quandry

In keeping with the $ and essentiality theme, in a pre-revenue early stage company it’s fun to think about future earnings.  By ‘fun’ I mean a thrill (thinking about the huge amounts of money we’re going to make), and sheer terror (thinking about how we are never going to make any money).  The normal roller coaster.…

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As an early stage company founder and CEO, I am obsessed with money management. Meaning – I have the perpetual sense that we’re about to run out of it. Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not, but it definitely keeps my paranoid mind alert (at night). I think that bootstrapping (which is what we’ve done) has…

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I think I'll blog about… starting a company.

In addition to the musings on the digital music industry, rVibe, music and the occasional book, I’m going to start talking about something I know a little about:  starting a company.  What a novel idea. Now, I am not saying that I know all that much, but I look forward to the time when I…

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