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Process: "Fundraising is wretched"

When thinking about anything that has any kind of process around it, I generally take the stance of:  the process around something serves a purpose in some capacity;  it may not be a process that serves me well and my engaging in the process may not feel efficient or nice, but the process is efficient…

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Accepted into the AVF

Well – we’ve been accepted into the Angel Venture Fair to present to investors.  First round is March 13th, although we’ve been exempted since we’ve talked to a number of their investors already.  Pitch round is in April…  We’re getting closer!

On the funding trail

We continue with our fundraising activity – and as any CEO will tell you – it’s a combination of super dedication, preparation, and recovery from rejection.  And in each rejection, you make a stronger, better case.  And I think ours is very strong now – and getting stronger all the time. And this is proved…

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NY Angels – passed

Well, statistics-wise it was likely to happen – the NY Angels group passed on pursuing an investment in rVibe. Their rationale is one we hear about the space in general:  too competitive, too hard to compete against iTunes. This type of feedback is common for investors who are not familiar with the space.  While it’s…

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Just pitched to the NY Angel Group

In our fund-raising quest, I just pitched to the NY Angels investment group. The pitch went very well:  there were three screening members, one of whom clearly was familiar with the space and technology, and the other two extremely sharp on understanding the business.  They were engaged, asked good questions and really got it. And…

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Seed versus early stage

Definitions on the status of companies change pretty regularly and early on there seems to be some confusion around what is seed and what is early stage.   Here’s my take: Seed stage:  When a company has just formed, has the beginnings (or even early complete) business plan, an incomplete team and is developing a prototype…

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Prepping for VC due diligence

We’re actively raising institutional money to come out of seed-stage and really get rolling. It’s pretty exciting, but lots of work as well. In attempting to be as efficient as possible, we’re prepping our due diligence materials in advance as much as possible. Our goal: on initiation of DD, to be able to turn around…

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Talking to VC's

Well – we’ve starting pitching to VC’s and early stage investors in earnest now.  One week ago we did a round with an early stage Angel fund, yesterday we did an on-line demo to a growth stage VC firm (not a good match – yet), we have four VCs getting lined up for the next two…

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About to go fishing

Now that the private beta is out there and we have a rigorous release schedule through the end of August, we’re about to look for additional capital.  I just overhauled the executive summary and am reviewing it with our partners before I start sending it out. Beta is going well – other than this blog,…

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Operations – $$$

As we work through some of the performance things with Beta 1 (some people would be content with it, but I am not), we’re faced with the $$$ predicament.  We’re at the point where in order to seek additional investment, we really need to turn our product out.  But the issue is this – we’ll…

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