rVibe is not a start-up poster child.

I attended an economic development breakfast today and was confronted with what rVibe is not.  We’re not a start-up poster child.  Here is what a start-up poster child seems to be:

  1. Founder started company in college, he/she graduates
  2. Company receives investment
  3. Original idea is deployed, commercialized and generating revenue
  4. Company expands and hires more staff
  5. Company has nice exit
  6. All within 5 years

This archetype of course is the idealized version of a startup, but they do exist. rVibe is not that, an despite the generating revenue and expanding part, nothing else hits home.

Does that mean we’re not an ideal Start-up?  Well, since I have no idea what an ideal-start-up is, I don’t know.  Wait, I actually am wrong, I think I do know what an Ideal start up is:

  1. Company is profitable, scalable and growing.

Note that any of the other stuff above, in my opinion, has little meaning.  So, we focus on speeding growth, on improving scale and increasing margin. I like that.

That’s a meaningful business.

Posted on April 28, 2011 in Management

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