Democrats will lose and here’s why

I have always been a Democrat and I vote.  So, I don’t write this with joy or happiness, but I think it’s indicative of where the party is why it will sadly lose ground tomorrow.  In a nutshell, they are not working hard enough to reach the Internet audience.  Maybe they think their “core” will come to the rescue, or maybe they think that the 60 or so automated pre-recorded phone dialers will connect with people.  Or maybe They can twitter themselves to success. Frankly, I can’t really tell what they are thinking – and that’s the issue.

We thought it would be good business to offer our live video service to candidates in the region.  It could have been Democrat or Republican, just so long as we were consistent – we chose Democrat for a bunch of reasons (that had nothing to do with my voting habits).  We chose races that were balanced, that were tilted in the Republican favor and ones that were Democrat Shoe-ins.  We chose less than a dozen and contacted their campaign managers.

As the CEO, I reached out and here is what I offered:

Free, multi-camera, live HD video from anywhere they wanted, for any amount of time they wanted, embedded on any website they wanted to embed it on. They could do a town-hall. They could do a press-release.  They could do a debate. They could do an “at-home-with-the-candidate.”  Didn’t matter to us – they could go live, from anywhere to anywhere in gorgeous, well-produced HD. All they had to do was take us up on the offer and make some noise.

How many got back to us:  One.

How many took us up on the offer?   Zero.

Posted on November 1, 2010 in Market

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