Our first international tests

Well, sometimes a potential customer can also be quite the advocate. We’re working with a fantastic company that has global operations support for CROs. Currently, there is no video solution that supports international, non-dedicated end-point video connectivity. Until working with this company, we’ve focused entirely domestically, which, while fine, is not all we want to do.

However, testing internationally has proven to be rather daunting. To effectively test you need a trusted resource in each geographic area. And to test our service effectively, there has to be concurrent testing from each of the locales that a participant would be in. That’s where a strong relationship with a potential client can really help.

So, we just tested with a single end-point in Switzerland today – and it went great! The next test is much much larger – Swizerland, Brussels, Sweden, USA and Singapore – all at the same time. This is going to be very interesting.

If we can demonstrate effectiveness at that level then I think it means several things:
1. We can really do something unique.
2. There is a solid market for our product for international companies working together on large projects
3. The internet infrastructure for low latency transmission is really starting to mature.

Posted on October 6, 2010 in Market, Technology

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