Social Networking Marketing is not free or easy…

Since RVibe is an Internet based media company, we do a lot of work in the social media space.  And, when I a say a lot of work, what I mean is a lot of work. I have long believed there is a common (mis)-perception around social media (and I’ll lump “viral” programs into this as well) that it’s an easy, cheap, and quick way to get exposure.

I’m here to say – it’s not true.  Now, yes, there are cases of hits that strike the web. But at this point, it’s got to be fairly well known (although from the investment pitches I have seen lately, not among entrepreneurs) that you just can’t predictably create viral products .  And for that matter, attempting to leverage social media to make a product react virally does not work reliably either.

And moreover, to actively use a Social network based marketing program, it is very very labor intensive. For a startup alone, we’re talking at least 2 full time staff, even if they are really really good.

Finally, I think people are starting to realize that –  Jeremiah is a good one for a clear view of this so what’s a start up to do when “viral” marketing programs, based on Social network products actually require time and money?

Same thing as they  should always do:  plan accordingly and spend on marketing where their audience is.

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