On a new tag line for our company

Well, we’ve been sitting on “RVibe: Just a little music between friends” for a long time.  I actually really like this tag line and it’s served us well in our social music jukebox phase.  And it’s got some romance to it too.  My wife and I came up with it after we dropped the original name (Muizzium – which sounded too much like an nasal drug of some kind).    But, like most good things, it must be retired.

RVibe Logo

Since we’ve whole hog moved into live streaming and on deamand (audio and video) distribution, we need a new tag line.  A good one.  One that captures the essence of what we do, but does not limit us so much that we can’t do anything more with it.

So we brainstorm, we come up with words, we throw out words.

“Immersed:”  I love this one because it captures everyting about a social music experience and a live (full screen) experience.  Unless you’re a SCUBA diver, and then it means getting in the water.  Oops.

“Fully Engaged”.  Not only is ‘engaged’ over used, but what the heck does this mean anyway and what does this company do?  No clue.

So we’re trying on a whole bunch of different things. And trying out the thesaurus; which you need to see this visual map of words.  Very cool.

We produce, broadcast and distribute high-qulity real-time and recorded video and audio for paying consumers and businesses.

Any thoughts?

Posted on June 12, 2009 in Life in a startup

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