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MySpace LogoWell, I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t make me nervous, but MySpace just announced their MySpace Music application.  In essence it will allow users to download/stream tracks from artists pages and user pages and allow people to share playlists. There will be a download piece and an add supported free stream piece.

Now, it’s not without its challenges, and my first thought is this: MySpace is free, always has been and consumers will not spend money there. That’s clearly a challenge to their download model. But it still makes me nervous.  Until this, we really had the only deep social networking/downloading presence – now we’re up against MySpace – not good.  But wow – would I NOT want to be Immem, iLike, Jango or others – that would just be a killer.

In our case, we’re still not a “web site” – rVibe is a social jukebox and download service.  It’s still differentiated. It’s still not primarily about people and their pages, it’s about music and what people are listening too. 

And fortunately, the download market grows and the opportunities still abound.

Posted on April 3, 2008 in Competition

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