On the funding trail

We continue with our fundraising activity – and as any CEO will tell you – it’s a combination of super dedication, preparation, and recovery from rejection.  And in each rejection, you make a stronger, better case.  And I think ours is very strong now – and getting stronger all the time.

And this is proved out by the responses we get from investors and how the tone is changing over time. Meaning, in the early days it was clear that we were too early, too under developed, and not mature enough.  That has long since changed, and now the questions are now more investment oriented – risk, risk, risk – competition, capital uses and validity of our pro forma (ie: is our unique view cost too high on our ad delivery such that our projections are not realistic – which – we’re fine there).  So – it’s a good story today.

When I met with a potential investor today and he said our next steps slide was exactly what he wanted to see and will use it as an example of how to do a next steps/fund use slide – I knew we’re come a long way.

Now we keep at it of course.

Posted on February 19, 2008 in Funding

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