Moving in new directions is great and challenging

Our business is about providing an arena for people to easily share music, manage music, make friends, buy music and deliver advertising. Our revenue model is collecting fees from music merchandising and advertising delivery.

But we’re now faced with an interesting change in direction. Or at least an addition to our world. From a consumer’s and advertiser’s view this change would represent an enhancement in our exisiting ‘complete music service’ framework, but there is a lot behind the scenes that would have to happen.

On the upside, we’re exploring a fairly new direction in music delivery that would give us greater differentiation and significantly greater revenue. The down side is that it’s going to take ‘initiative’ money to get it up and running.

By partnering we should be able to accomplish it, and I hope we do. I think it’s a pretty amazing opportnity we’re looking at.

The challenge is that we don’t have significant growth at the moment and have not hammered out all our bugs in our current platform just yet. We’re going to have to balance our in-flight operations (which have not fully operationalized) with this new work. A pretty common occurance in the world of business, but not one that happens in start-ups as much as it does in large corporations.

For me the management is not the issue, the capital is. And that is very common in a start-up. I am confident we can handle integrating a new business, so now we need to look at how to fund building it.

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