rVibe key & active features for the beta

So – here’s what you can and can’t do with the beta:

Currently Available: 

  1. Find and add friends – create a social network
    1. see their profiles
    2. view their music
    3. Audition their tracks
    4. Buy their music
    5. Recommend tracks to them, send messages
    6. Add friends’ emails into the system and get rewards
    7. Create groups
  2. Manage your own music
    1. Play your music, rip CDs, burn CDs
    2. Make playlists
    3. Tag your music to sort it more effectively
    4. Recommend your music to friends
  3. Browse all music – view by tags and genres
    1. Buy and download tracks
    2. Buy CDs for tracks that are not downloadable
  4. Manage your account
    1. Deposit money to buy music
    2. Get rewards for downloads from you
    3. Get rewards for friends’ emails
    4. Get rewards for putting the rVibe on your website or blog
    5. Give your rewards to one of our partner charities
  5. Logon to rVibe.com to stream your music from anywhere

Available soon:

  1. Pay per stream – full length listens for $.03 per listen
  2. Radio streaming – listen to a friend’s music, or what’s being recommended today
  3. Mini-alerts – see what activity your friends are up to
  4. Custom advertisement delivery in the client – click through to content in the client or to external websites
  5. Group management activities for group owners
  6. Embeddable flash player for your blog or website

Posted on October 3, 2007 in Market, Technology

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