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rVibe logoNow that the private beta is out there and we have a rigorous release schedule through the end of August, we’re about to look for additional capital.  I just overhauled the executive summary and am reviewing it with our partners before I start sending it out.

Beta is going well – other than this blog, have not advertised one iota, but we’ve gotten many many beta requests. Have not really let anyone else in yet, will start to do that after our 8/15 release, but people are interested. Once we activate our blogging friends and other “friends” it’s going to get interesting.

Despite the excitement around rVibe and it’s viral nature, like any company we need capital to really grow (technology, operations, content and marketing), and it’s time to explore that.  Our capital strategy so far has been right on target with our planned raise amounts to get us out the door. Now that we’re out the door, we’re looking for a more significant round to “go up the hockey stick” as they say.

Posted on August 2, 2007 in Funding

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