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rVibe LogoI just re-signed up for XM radio, despite thinking the audio quality is terrible.  Why?  For the following reasons:

  1. They called me and asked to bring me back 
  2. They offered me 1/2 price for a year
  3. They followed up with an email
  4. They gave me online listening capability on their website
  5. They send me regular news letter emails

To me, one of the keys to building customer loyalty – is regular and personal communication (not to mention good pricing). A while back Josh Kopelman talked about “catch and keep” and I think one of those ways to catch and keep is email communication.

For instance, when myspace emails me that “so and so” wants to be your friend, I typically delete it. But I also have it sitting in the back of my mind that there is a message waiting for me there. And since they don’t tell me anything about the message in the email, I have to visit myspace to get the message. So I do.

Or when XM emails me to say – “hey, we noticed you have ‘XM Cafe’ as one of your favorites online, you should be sure to listen to the live ‘YYYY’ on Channel ‘X'” (which they don’t do now, but would be really cool), I go and I am sure to listen and return to the XM environment and feel like I am part of something.

In the case of rVibe where our revenue is based on file sales and ad views, it’s vitally important to have people return to our software as often as possible.  So – we’re doing the “hey – your friend sent you a recommendation” emails, and “here are some new features you might enjoy” emails and having our staff make friends and make recommendations (to activate the system).

I am always open to suggestions and critcism – so please be sure to tell me what you’d like to see (more or less of).

Posted on July 5, 2007 in Management, Market

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