Beta 1 is finally here!

rVibe logoFinally, at long last, Beta 1 is here.  It’s not without its issues and missing funtions of course, but the core software is solid and it’s the real deal. Real content, really able to purchase tracks, really real.

Lots more to improve upon, and release 1&2 are already full ahead on development.  Below is an excerpt from the email I sent out to our first round beta testers (password removed here of course).

For everyone I’ve neglected to respond to emails, please accept my apologies. Starting Wednesday I hope to better about it.

Hi –  The rVibe beta is finally here!  Let me thank you in advance for trying it out and giving us your feedback; we really appreciate your time and thoughts, and look forward to hearing from you.  And, I hope you know, as the first members, we believe you are critical to setting the stage and tone for the future of our service.  rVibe is all about the community of people that make it up and about recommendations from friends to friends. We think it’s a really friendly and helpful place, so please be sure to make plenty of friends and recommendations! Now, as excited as we are about this release, please remember that beta software always has bugs, issues, and missing functions. There is lots of room to improve. We value your criticisms so that we can hammer out problems, work on cosmetic issues, create new functions, and generally enhance rVibe to make it better.  Please click on this link to see our list of known issues and planned improvements. There will be automatic updates to the software you install over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out! To get the beta software, go to and click on Download. When you click on the “Click here to download” link, enter the user name and password below and save the installer to your computer. Then install, register and away you go!   And be sure to check out to get lots of helpful tips and tricks. 

User id:  xxxxxxxxxx

Password: xxxxxxxxxx

 As you use it, please make note of things that you like about rVibe and things you’d like to see us change. When you want to comment, please send us an email: We take your feedback extremely seriously and will do our best to incorporate as many of your thoughts as possible. We want rVibe to be good– super good! Please help us to do that! We look forward to hearing from you and we’re glad you’re here! Best,Braydon Johnson-McCormickCEO, rVibe

Posted on July 27, 2007 in Management, Market, Technology

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