Irons in the fire

Irons in the fireThe CEO’s job is to manage all the aspects of the business as well as be accountable for delivery and profitability. 

The phrase comes to mind: “Irons in the fire”.  Meaning, the blacksmith literally has many irons in the fire and has to make sure that as those pieces of metal get worked, that they are kept at the optimal temperature for forging.

But the other pieces are: keeping the fire going, making sure there is fuel for the fire and making sure there is fire protection should an errant spark fly…and have someone there to work it with you in case you’re incapacitated.  The blacksmith also has to make sure that someone buys the end product and should there be an issue with the product, that it gets fixed – while making sure the current new irons stay at the optimal temperature.

Meanwhile, the Blacksmith needs to ensure that the cost of the iron doesn’t outstrip the price of the final product (and ideally the price of the final product far outstrips the cost of production) Lastly, there always needs to be enough capital to get more iron to keep the process going.

And for the entrepreneur, all that happens after you get off the ground (with your bag of coal, matches, iron, and anvil).

Just working through the details of launching rVibe.  

Posted on April 19, 2007 in Management, Market

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