Warner – meeting with technology officer

UMG LogoMet with technology officer for Warner.  We spoke well over a year ago when watermarking was actually a possible alternative to wrapper DRM.  Of course, that has gone by the wayside since then.

This time our discussion focused on “protecting payment”  (that’s how they see it, not controlling files) for downloads and on our streaming piece.  First – the streaming piece we’re putting in should be no problem (at least technologically) and they should be fine with what we have.

They are also open to doing something with us as long as we can control how files are manipulated on MP3 players (iPod included). What that means is that they don’t want open MP3 files on MP3 Players where you can take an MP3 player, attach it to another device and allow it to copy files over free and clear.  If we can “reasonably” restrict that (and he is aware that no system is unhackable), then they are open to further talks.

Based on the discussion, I am confident that our PC side covers their needs. However, our MP3 player integration does not cover their needs.  So we are going to explore some other means to get MP3s onto a player and not have them be able to be easily read into other systems.

Two out of three is not bad, but we really need that third piece.

Posted on March 16, 2007 in Technology

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