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Even with all the research I do on competition and emerging technologies, and all the research I have done, I constantly come across things I should have seen a long time ago.  Last night was the “Web 2.0 directory”  It’s a great resource for anyone looking for startups in the “web 2.0” space. That of course means anything with “Social Network(ing)” in it’s functionality, or “user generated content” or “tagging” (a mashup of  UGC and SN).

I know it’s been much discussed, but I think the moniker “web 2.0” is just silly. In my view, it’s just a marketing term to generate buzz.  The technology and the business models have been there since “web 1.0” so it’s really nothing more than the normal evolution of functionality usage and branding.   Of course rVibe is “web 2.0” in all it’s glory (with some other stuff), but the technology, frankly, is all web 1.0.  And so is Youtube, and delicious and MySpace.

But, I’ll happily take and use some of that buzz.

Posted on February 17, 2007 in Competition, Market

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