Microsoft as Innovator? Not first anyway…

Here’s why Microsoft will never be the thought leader and innovative leader they think they are (note: Competitive Advantage here for startup).  From an interview in Forbes with MS Robbie Bach:

 Can we expect a Zune phone next?

Right now, I can tell you that the Zune team is really focused on producing great innovation in the music device space. When you have a guy who has 80% market share and has sold as many devices as Apple has, you gotta be focused on home cooking, so to speak. I wouldn’t expect there to be much focus beyond what we’re trying to do in the core music space.

That is the mindset – around each one of their product suites – and you can see that play out in their incremental changes. Gotta take care of the cash cow first, innovate second.

Posted on February 10, 2007 in Competition, Market

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