In search of: email tagging

With all the hype around tagging things – everything, you would think it would have hit email by now. I can’t tell you how often I dig through email to find something that I know is in there and if I could only sort it by topic I could find it easily…. yup – if I could just tag it.  

Yes, you can sort with folders – kind of. But I want to be able to do multiple tags per email so I can find stuff with Boolean searches. And email often has multiple topics associated with it.

And wow – if you could do that at the enterprise level and get access to centralized email – that would be incredibly powerful for knowledge sharing and re-use. As long as there were measures to protect email privacy (ie: mark this private).

Not sure how you would monetize it – expect for add-on software sales, but I would love to have that.

Posted on January 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

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