Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60’s is a great album – covers of wonderful ’60’s tunes by current artists. The interpretations are really solid and when Jonatha Brooke takes a turn at the Simon & Garfunkle’s title track, she gives it a soulful and yet gentle touch.  

I’ve appreciated Jonatha’s touch for a while now. She has a delicate, breathy tone but manages to sound full at the same time. Her voice also has that magical quality of blending well with other voices. A very nice straight tone that can also have some bite to it.  And on “Bleecker Street” the simple arrangement of guitars is a perfect compliment to her grounded and unaffected sound.

And the engineering is superb.

Click the link to, if you want.

Posted on January 4, 2007 in Music

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